Talking Biofeedback In and Outside Your Practice

Over the past 10 years so many practitioners have asked for our assistance in promoting their biofeedback practice to others with complete confidence. This is a must for the serious Biofeedback practitioner!

This is a 12 ceu, NTCB accrediated course that consists of three pre-recorded calls, 1 hour and 15 minutes each. We will provide a course outline along with a list of recommended books to enhance and support your quest to be as proficient and confident as possible. There are 5 required assignments that are designed to motivate and troubleshoot areas that you will be improving as you move through this course. You will receive a certificate upon completion.

You will be shown how to be as effective as possible when talking biofeedback one-on-one with prospective clients, in a group setting and in front of larger groups such as corporate events and health fairs.

If you are looking to achieve the highest level of confidence in speaking biofeedback, then this is absolutely the course for you!!

The price for this course is $149. Sign up here. 


                      Accelerating Your Practice The Three Necessary R's 


Class 1: Client Recruitment ' How to Attract New Clients.

Class 2: Client Retention ' How to Keep Your Clients.

Class 3: Client Reactivation ' How to Bring Clients Back to Your Practice.

This course is designed to benefit all practitioners no matter what modalities and therapies you offer!

Just ask yourself a couple of questions:

Are you happy where you are with your practice? Or, did you envision your practice looking differently by now? 
We have by trial and error found the solutions to the most common practice issues. We believe this is the most inspiring course we've ever offered, and KNOW you will be able to take your practice to a whole new level of growth.

This is a Three-Part 10 ceu NTCB Accredited Course.

Cost: $149 for the three pre-recorded 90-minute classes. There is required homework of a One-Page Action Plan.


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Additional Specialty Classes

Bioenergetics4U offers NTCB-recognized and approved specialty classes. These classes are created to provide LIFE System practitioners the edge they need to be successful in all areas of their biofeedback practice. 



Bioenergetics4U Policy

It is the Bioenergetics4U Client Satisfaction Policy that if for any reason you are unable to
attend a pre-paid class, that we will credit that amount to another class. We will always strive to ensure that our clients are satisfied with what they receive from us.